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Company Introduction

loyal Light Co.,Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of LED lamps and PC heat sinks, and is committed to providing the best lighting and system cooling solutions for customers around the world.
Loyal Light Co.,Ltd is committed to the development and manufacture of high-end, professional products for outdoor lighting. Formed a complete product line covering LED high-power lights, garden lights, lawn lights, buried lights, floodlights, spotlights, panel lights, outdoor wall washers, point light sources.

loyal Light Co.,Ltd attaches importance to talents, management, quality, cost and service, and will be the inevitable trend of future survival and development of enterprises, and also the future development direction of loyal. The company will use this as a starting point to start from the internal management of the company, strengthen the business mechanism, improve the overall quality of all employees, and implement the talent strategy, brand strategy and sustainable development strategy with a new and advanced business philosophy and management model.

Company Details

  • Business Type:5554121144862.
  • Brands:loyal,intop
  • No. of Employees:100-150
  • Annual Sales:159
  • Year Established:15
  • Address:No. 556, Zhongshan Guzhen Lighting City, Guangzhou, China
  • Export p.c:1897452123448874


    loyal Light Co.,Ltd always adheres to the customer-centered, advocating integrity, and "customer satisfaction, create loyal brand" as the company's business policy. Based on the principle of market orientation, the company will provide customers with targeted services, take the needs of customers as their own responsibility, and set a good example for the lighting industry with excellent quality management and rigorous work style.

    ( 1 )Customization: We have a solid R&D team, and we can develop as well as produce items according to the drawings or examples the customers provided.

    ( 2 )Price: We have two our very own manufacture factory. We market our very own products with ideal cost.

    ( 3 )Quality: We have our very own screening laboratory and also the most advanced and full evaluation tools, which can ensure the high quality of the items.

    ( 4 )Capacity: Our yearly manufacturing capacity: 120kkpcs LED chips, 1,000,000 set LED lights, which can fulfill the demands of various customers with various acquisition quantity.

    ( 5 )Service: We concentrate on establishing top notch products for top-end markets.Our items are in line with international requirements, and are primarily exported to Europe, America various other countries.

    ( 6 )Shipment: We have a comprehensive transportation system that guarantees customers receive goods on time.


    Our company is committed to introducing more classic, fashionable, environmentally friendly and economical lighting lighting products to enhance and improve people's quality of life; and is committed to becoming the leader in the Chinese lighting industry. In recent years, the company's products have been recognized and trusted by domestic and foreign customers. The company's lighting products are sold well all over the country and Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other regions.

Our Team

    1, marketing management
    The elite in the marketing field, responsible for marketing work, familiar with all aspects of marketing knowledge, rich market research and verification methods, successful marketing plan for Brawny, successful marketing planning experience, network brand creation And network marketing communication has unique insights and opinions, in the form of netizens' favorite, and can provide targeted solutions according to customer needs. Create network marketing services, network information dissemination, network public relations and online advertising and other means to create a combination of boxing, create a network marketing communication model suitable for the majority of customers market, tailor-made network marketing strategy for our customers.
    2, operation, network management
    In terms of operations and network management, our team has a website construction and development project and experience technicians have a good understanding of the overall business, familiar with the operation of the website, mainly responsible for the marketing planning on the website, familiar with computer operations and network. Operational safety management has a far-sighted vision for future website development plans and plans.
    3, finance, risk management
    The team responsible for financial risk management is proficient in finance, has a clear sense of financial analysis, and a scientific sense of financial management. We have fully analyzed and budgeted our Loyal website operations, marketing expenses and revenue, and fully considered finance. risk. Provide an indispensable part.

loyal Light Co.,Ltd
Website : www.loyal-lighting.com
Telephone : +86 15169090208
Fax : 86-531 8276 5987
Address : No. 556, Zhongshan Guzhen Lighting City, Guangzhou, China

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